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Benchmark Retail Services are in-store marketing specialists. Our consultant teams provide you with optimised merchandising and POS solutions to maximise your product sales performance. We work in partnership with major brands, distributors and retailers across over 50 territories.

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Shopper Journey

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Reporting tool

Reporting tool

Our flexible, powerful and intuitive web based reporting tool provides valuable MI.

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Lies, damned lies and statistics..

Attributed to the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Nice one Ben, but sadly no formal record exists of him ever actually saying it – but heck, “never let the truth stand in the way of a good story” (Mark Twain allegedly for that one […]

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New Year – same old challenges….

Well sort of would be my position on that, 2018 certainly threw a spanner in many a retailer’s works and this sets up challenges for suppliers of course. Job losses in the retail sector last year were prolific and of course the payroll of any large company is a target for cuts in difficult times. […]

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Christmas Cheer…

I’m a fan of Christmas! There I said it and now it’s in print it cannot be taken back. I like the time off, it’s a given that by the time Christmas Eve comes along I’m ready for a few days off. I like the family time, we all lead frenetic lifestyles and now the […]

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35 years and counting…

It is said time seems to pass even faster as one gets older, you can tell I’m getting older by the correct use of ‘one’ in this sentence and proper punctuation. When you work in an environment where activity is always being planned in advance, it can feel like you are wishing time away. The […]

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We’re back…

In an age where social media and your online presence is apparently ‘everything’, here at Benchmark Towers we have been shall we say a little tardy on getting our act together. To be fair it has taken nearly 3 years to update the site at all, a task completed last weekend and I think it […]

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Benchmark have been 3M's chosen agency in B&Q for some 6 years and it is a relationship that has flourished.

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Increased customer knowledge of your products at the point of purchase is becoming ever more important, fewer store staff means less opportunity for explanation or clarification of features and benefits.

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