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Full project management is an increasingly valuable part of working with Benchmark, where time pressed managers require a single point of contact to support their initiatives. From design and sourcing display materials to final placement in store, Benchmark provide a real “full service” solution.

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  • Merchandising

    With vast ranges and many thousands of products, layouts frequently lack the care and attention they need to look good, be well stocked and have correct POS labels etc.

    Benchmark works continuously within retailers to ensure basic standards are maintained. This includes database checks, filling shelves from stock, POS placement and layout compliance.

    These basic standard tasks need not be time consuming or expensive. Our fortnightly visits to the top trading stores in major retailers across the UK, provide a “little and often” approach to working fixtures, preventing them getting to a state of disrepair that requires lengthy remedial action.

    Contact us to discuss how Benchmark can help you.

  • Promotions


    Promotions generate huge incremental sales at key trading times and drive footfall, sales and brand awareness if executed well.

    Benchmark have been working with clients in the DIY and general retail markets for 10 years, helping to ensure their events are in the right place at the right time, giving every opportunity for the products to sell through ready for the next event.

    Benchmark can handle the POS through our own warehouse and regional storage hub network, meeting the stock in store, erecting displays, placing POS and pricing information and finally photographing the finished display for feedback to our client. In guaranteeing the correct placement, the enhanced sales and quality of the displays more than pays for the cost of installation.

    From concept to in store implementation, Benchmark can help generate successful promotions that deliver your tactical or strategic goals.

    We can help optimise deliveries through DC or RCC routes to market and create eye catching displays, POS and in-store awareness.

  • Secondary Sites

    Secondary Sites

    For many suppliers, whilst sales from the fixture deliver measurable and reliable sales, the addition of secondary sales sites across the store really drive the incremental business.

    Ensuring the adjacencies make sense, such as premium brushes with premium paint, or wood glues and fillers in the timber aisles adds real impulse purchases of supplier ranges.

    Frequently, store systems cannot handle multiple locations well or are not set up correctly, so stock levels do not support dual siting. Benchmark can resolve these issues, both through system management and physical stock counts to ensure adequate cover is available and putting stock out in all locations during a routine call.

    Contact us to discuss how Benchmark can help you:

    • Benchmark and Bostik grew sales by over 50% in B&Q, a large part of this growth coming from the actively managed secondary site program. By working in tandem with the retailer’s supply chain, we ensured plenty of stock was available for multiple, relevant locations across the store
    • Locating premium products in sensible locations drives higher ATV for the retailer
  • POS


    High quality in store Point of Sale material is expensive, even more so if it is sent directly to stores for placement and is lost or disposed of without ever being utilised. Failing to deliver the message supporting a new product or promotion, results in lost sales and lost customers.

    Benchmark handles millions of items of POS every year, from paint colour cards, to wobblers, banners, quarter pallets, stanchion units and clipstrips. Our fast and efficient National distribution network from our warehouse in Bolton through Regional Distribution Hubs then onto stores, guarantees correct and timely placement of your POS materials across the entire estate.

  • Audit


    Over 10 years we have developed the ability to quickly and discreetly measure stock availability across the UK retail estate. In one retailer, utilising this service has driven availability up by over 8%, adding many millions of extra revenue through enhanced stock levels.

    This bespoke service is tailored to individual requirements, so please contact us for a confidential discussion on any data capture requirements you may have.

  • Training

    Staff Training

    The presence of store staff with good product knowledge can help sales immensely. However, one result of the difficult trading times we currently face is a significant lack of staff on the shop floor.

    It is rarely cost effective to run in-store or regional training sessions for retail staff; they can be costly and complex to arrange but in addition to this, high staff turnover and departmental moves can negate the investment in training.

    Benchmark delivers targeted in store training to the staff working in the sections where your product is represented. Basic information on product features and benefits can be delivered in a very compact session, without disrupting the working day.

    In the last 3 years, Benchmark has delivered product specific training to over 8,000 retail store staff at very cost effective rates. The issue of staff turnover is negated by the speed and efficiency with which we can deliver training throughout the year as new staff arrive.

  • Demonstrations


    Bringing a retail store to life with live theatre can be a massive influence on consumers buying decisions, well executed, well targeted in store demonstrations can pay big dividends

    It's easy to overlook the chance of delivering in store demonstration programs due to cost or logistical considerations, but neither of these need be prohibitive to a well planned and implemented program.

    By working with Benchmark and our partners at Touchdown, we can project manage store demonstrators across the UK efficiently and affordably. We work with clients to identify where support will deliver the best return, by demographic, store turnover, category performance etc. We then recruit and train our team to be ambassadors of your brand and products, many are professional actors, all are carefully selected to reflect your values and aspirations. Benchmark then coordinate access to the best store locations, arrange any equipment that might be needed and ensure the store's team are briefed and ready for a great day of selling.

    The cost of on screen and on the page advertising can still be very high, the tactical use of demonstrators can be a useful and strategic tool to support within your marketing calendar, raise awareness and drive sales.

  • Multimedia


    Increased customer knowledge of your products at the point of purchase is becoming ever more important. Fewer store staff can result in less information being available for customers.

    Multi media screens can fill this information gap, allowing for additional information and demonstration, showing exactly how products work in a way that static POS cannot always provide.

    Benchmark has installed and manages over 600 screens across the DIY and Gardening sector: ranging from larger mains powered to smaller battery powered screens.

    In the past battery powered screens required daily charging, creating the problem of siting them only where power is available. At Benchmark we can provide a solution, with the new and exciting technology we use within our screens. One set of standard lithium ion batteries can last up to three months, opening up the possibility of getting your message to the consumer no matter where your products are located in store, since the issue of needing a power supply is gone.

    With Benchmark's national field team, we ensure batteries are replaced before they run out. In addition to this the display content can be changed during regular service calls too.

Reporting tool

Reporting tool

Our flexible, powerful and intuitive web based reporting tool provides valuable MI.

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Case Studies

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Benchmark is retained by Wilkinson on behalf of a number of suppliers in the decorative category.

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Increased customer knowledge of your products at the point of purchase is becoming ever more important, fewer store staff means less opportunity for explanation or clarification of features and benefits.

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