Your Challenges

Supplying and working with major retail chains has a multitude of challenges that can change from day to day and within categories. We can support your business through those challenges efficiently and quickly. Some challenges may be best addressed by long term service solutions, others may be an opportunity for a quick win, either way Benchmark offers skilled and creative support.

Fewer Store Staff - Filling gaps in skills and specialist know-how

The reality of the last few years is retailers have fewer staff on the shop floor to carry out the functions that are broadly unchanged. Of course, system automation has reduced some tasks, but shelf filling, range compliance, database accuracy and real attention to detail are not comprehensively covered.

Bringing new product to market, getting great locations for promotions, ensuring POS materials are accurate and well placed are the difference between a good year and a great one. Benchmark’s team work daily on these issues and using well honed skills and great store relationships.

Working to a Budget - Exceeding expectations and managing costs

All businesses have a planned budgetary expenditure and this will often be constrained by factors beyond the control of sales and marketing teams. Using a specialist team like Benchmark ensures that you are getting the optimum value from your budget as you are only paying for resources on an as needed basis and deploying based on our strategic guidance.

Short Timescales - Fast reaction times provides opportunity to capitalize changing consumer factors

It is a fact that suppliers are getting less time to react to requests for promotions, secondary site opportunities and even range reviews. Benchmark’s flexibility, combined with our high call frequency on the major retail estates, means we can work within short timescales and implement major programmes in over 300 stores often at very short notice.

Our Clients

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